Classes and Services

Taught by Wendy & Karen, SuperFIT is a cutting edge exercise program that features unlimited bootcamps each month and focuses on healthy eating.  By incorporating natural, organic nutrition with regular exercise, SuperFIT members will see maximum results.  Our certified SuperFIT Trainers make it a cinch to achieve your goals with guidance, education, and dedication!  SuperFIT Bootcamp times for Main Street Gym are:
5:00am Monday through Friday with Wendy
8:00am Tuesday & Thursday with Karen
5:30pm Wednesday with Karen
6:00pm Monday with Karen
Call today for pricing and details!

All of the classes listed here are included at no additional cost. See our calendar for starting times.

BODY SCULPTING – whole body workout using weights

YOGA – traditional style, for mind, body, and soul

PILATES – developed by Joseph Pilates, focuses on balance and core strength

ZUMBA – very high energy, dance based fitness

20 MINUTE ABS – exactly what it says!

FLEX & STRETCH – 45 minutes of intense stretching

CARDIO BLAST – 60 minutes of exactly what it says!

LUNCH BLAST CLASS – 30 minutes of trainers choice exercises

Our Specialty!!!  More and more we find that people recognize the value of a personal trainer. Our staff is trained and certified to be able to assess your fitness level, set up a program for you and then keep you motivated. It is a fact that you will not push yourself past your comfort level. Our trainers will push you while maintaining a safe environment. Along with providing accountability, our trainers will track your progress and help you reach the goals you desire.

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Most people hold their stress through their shoulders and neck. Anyone who sits behind a desk knows what stress can come from phone and computer work. Just lie in the bed fully clothed and let this State of the Art Bed do the rest!  Call today for pricing and details.

We offer a lay-down bronzing tanning bed. Lotions and protective goggles are included. No appointment necessary.  Pricing varies for members and non-members.



A butt kicking, total body workout.  High repetition combinations of cardio and weight training with a focus on proper form and technique!  Call today for pricing and details.



NEW FOR 2014!!!!!  The Elite Squad is for members looking to get renewed, exceed their goals and go to the next level!  Gary will take you through 90 minutes of ALL YOU GOT training.  Call for start dates and pricing!